Visionary Training Resources is founded by Pilots with safety and training backgrounds who understand the importance of effective training in modern times. 

Our industry is our passion, and we are making tremendous strides toward achieving some of the most progressive, effective, and efficient flight training to date.


Our fully immersible 3D flight deck incorporates the accelerated learning benefits of kinetic touch, all in a device the size of a cell phone.


As flight training continues to advance and transform in the years to come, we look forward to being a leader in the new era of training and safety.  



Evey Cormincan

CEO & Founder

Evey Cormican has been an airline pilot and Captain with United Airlines since 1997. Over the years Evey has led many high profile and key assignments including helping with the integration of Continental and United Airlines, Vice Chairman of Training for the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) and as a simulator instructor for United Airlines in Houston....

Rick Parker

CTO & Co-Founder

Rick Parker has been an airline pilot since 1996 and with United Airlines since 1998.  As an experienced Director Of Product and Curriculum Development, Mr. Parker has a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry.  A USNR Retired Aviator, Commander Parker served as a Defensive Air Combat Instructor ....

Ben Guerrero


Mr. Guerrero is passionate about innovation, developing relationships, helping others and running large organizations.  

Historically, Mr. Guerrero has demonstrated the ability to collaborate with teams across the globe to deliver results.  Many years of corporate experience have allowed Mr. Guerrero to form a unique background ....

Our Team

Cody Peterson

VP Strategic Planning

Cody Petersen joins Visionary Training Resources as an experienced executive with extensive expertise in strategy and operations. Most recently Cody was Director of Quality at Raytheon Technologies. Prior Raytheon he held a variety of leadership roles with John Deere. His experiences included operations, product and program management, product planning, and product development. Cody holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a Master’s in Engineering Management from the University of Wisconsin. Cody shares the VTR’s passion for aviation and is actively pursuing his own training as a private pilot.  

Lisa Matthews

Director New Sales & Development

Lisa Matthews joins Visionary Training Resources with 21 years Sales and Customer Service Experience, and over 15 years in Business and Aviation.  As a Business Development Professional Lisa has consulted professionally in dozens of developing businesses, while also working in Account Management for Commercial Technology Sales.  Lisa has experience as Director of Sales, Corporate Account Manager, VP of Marketing, and Director of Business Development & Marketing.  As the Daughter of an A&P, IA and a former United Airlines Pilot, Lisa's aviation exposure and passion span her lifetime.  Presently, Lisa is married to a Commercial Airline Pilot Line Check Airman who shares her passion for continuous improvement in Airline Training Procedures.

Ben Boness

Sales Lead UK Divison

Ben Boness joins Visionary Training Resources as a Pilot for a UK based International Airline on the 787.  An Aviation Professional with over 15 years professional experience in the industry, Ben expands his passion for Airline Training and Development as Executive Director at VA Training in Cambridge, UK.  Ben's passion for aviation safety has been dynamically displayed in his experience as simulator instructor at VA Training, as well as professional endorsements in areas such as Human Factors and Flight Safety.  Ben presently manages Visionary Training Resources' Sales efforts in UK, and provides integral knowledge regarding the exceptional potential of Visionary Training Resources' products.

Board of Directors

Evey Cormican

Evey Cormican, CEO and Co-Founder of Visonary Training Resources, is a Captain with United Airlines on the Boeing 757/767 Aircraft. 

Ms. Cormican is a recognized expert on developing airline safety programs and improving operational processes.


A graduate of Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Ms. Cormican also holds a B.S. in Airway Science and Airway Systems Management from University of North Dakota Center for Aerospace studies. 

Ms. Cormican is also the VRARA cochair of the aerospace committee and serves of the Board of Directors of the Breast Cancer Hub (BCH.)

James Parker

James is a Director with Venari Partners, a specialist executive search firm.


He is well known across the aviation sector for his ability to help advise airlines, and businesses in the wider aviation ecosystem, on a variety of human capital challenges.  He and his team are responsible for many prominent aviation hires.


James boasts an extensive network of airline executives and has gained industry recognition and awards for his achievements in executive search.


He is a graduate of Coventry University holding a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and Anatomy.

Rick Parker

Rick Parker, CTO and Co-Founder of Visionary Training Resources, is a Captain with United Airlines on the Boeing 737 Aircraft. 

Mr. Parker is a decorated USNR Retired Aviator, where he served as a Commander.


Mr. Parker holds a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and is skilled in Aviation Training Product & Development.

Mr. Parker serves as Local Committee Training Chairman and Director of Curriculum Development for major US Airline Platforms. He is currently active as a Co-Chair of the VRAR Association Aerospace Committee and member of the Flight Safety Foundation

Ben Guerrero

Many years of corporate experience have allowed Mr. Guerrero to form a unique background with experience across finance, corporate development, investor relations, sales, strategy and analytics. 

Historically, Mr. Guerrero has demonstrated the ability to collaborate with teams across the globe to deliver results, with experience across many industries, including Aviation.


As an MBA graduate of  Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, Mr. Guerrero is presently serving as CFO of Visionary Training Resources, as well as Head of Global Finance Strategy and Execution at Caterpillar, Inc.