The Future 

of Flight Training

Has Arrived

Virtual Reality Flight Decks are transforming the future of how Pilots learn and Airlines Budget.

CA Evey Cormican, CEO


More Efficient

A Fraction

    of the Cost


80 vs. 10

8 Months After Learning:

80% of Kinetic Learning in VR Headsets is  still retained


10%  of verbal and auditory learning  

~Dr. Aki Nikolaidis



Task training in VR achieved training events 83% faster with almost non- existent  re-train rates.

~University of Michigan Medical School in partnership with Cybernet Systems

$3 Million


Commercial Airlines using VR cockpit training models can save up to $3 million/year in training costs.

~Estimated projections based on 1,000 pilots per year.

on the go

100% Portable

Our VR Flight Deck is the only  cordless

VR flight deck on the market.

At approximately the size of a cellular phone, it is easily portable, and is a perfect training companion anywhere you go.

  Virtual Reality (VR) Technology is taking the training world by storm, and it has arrived in Aviation. 

Using vibrant, immersive 3-D imagery, Visionary Training Resources places you inside a virtual Flight Deck VR Headset, and offers the opportunity to train and run flows completely untethered.

The future of Flight Training is transforming Airline Training Protocols, and Visionary Training Resources has everything you need to make the a seamless transition.

Virtual Reality Flight Deck Training


You Don't Have to


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